Firefly Expressive Arts turns 1 year, this July!

Welcome to Firefly Expressive Arts

Firefly is an expressive arts program for children ages 3-13 designed to inspire your child's inner artist. We provide Music, Movement, Arts and Crafts, Storytelling, Costumery and other artistic expressions in a nurturing environment.

At Firefly, we believe art should be fun and organic! We offer a variety of activities for your child to engage in and explore. We understand the power of allowing your child to discover for themselves what moves and inspires them. At Firefly, children are never forced to engage in an activity that does not excite them. Instead, they are encouraged to explore the art form they are naturally drawn to and develop that inner passion with the guidance and support of Firefly Mentors.

Our Philosophy

Firefly Expressive Arts has been carefully developed through years of working with children and the arts in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. The best learning comes through natural curiosity and excitement. Our program’s focus is on giving your child artistic autonomy to discover what drives them. Unlike other art programs, we do not tell your child how to express or create. At Firefly, we foster an environment where many options are available to your child and they discover for themselves the art that moves them. The passion is their own.

Emphasis is placed on experience over production. Art is a process, not a product! Firefly children are free from pressure to “perform or produce,” allowing them to safely and organically discover what is most authentic to them. Our goal is to help your child develop their inner genius. In a world that is so outwardly directed, this is a program that fosters listening to one’s inner voice.

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