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At Camp Firefly, your child will engage in a full day of creative play and artistic exploration. Dancing, singing, obstacle courses, arts and crafts, building forts, scavenger hunts and storytelling are just some of the many activities we enjoy at Camp Firefly. We believe that childhood is about wonder, magic and imagination. Our camps are designed to inspire your child’s inner artist through encouraging children to do what they do best: Play! By combining structured games, physical activity and free play, Camp Firefly is a well-rounded program with a wholistic approach. Children are natural geniuses. Our job is to create a safe place for their inner light to come out into the world so they can shine as they are meant to!

Located at South Austin Christian Church
206 East Annie Street, Austin, Texas 78704

(Week-long camps start at $275. The next Camp Firefly runs 02/19/18 - and meets M-F from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. Camp Firefly includes ages 3-13.)

Upcoming Camp Fireflys @ Integrity Academy

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President’s Day Camp

South Austin Christian Church


Mar 2018

South Austin Christian Church



About Camp Firefly Enrollment Packages

Please note that Camp Firefly is offered as a Package Service only. We do not have options for single-day visitations of Camp Firefly. We want the Camp Firefly experience to be the most enriching and enjoyable possible. We find that it's disruptive to the overall experience, when there are children who drop in for just a day or two of the camp. This is largely because these drop-in children are not in the same flow as the other children attending, and haven't developed the same level of bonding with our Firefly Team. Furthermore we take pride in our well-trained staff and our industry-leading low child/mentor ratio. Enrolling your child for a full Camp session ensures that we can secure the time of our high-quality team members. When enrolling in Camp Firefly, please understand that it is for a Package Service, and there are no refunds for days not attended.

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About Integrity Academy's Policy on food

Although Firefly Expressive Arts does not have an official stance on animal-based foods, we understand that Integrity Academy subscribes to a vegan philosophy. And since Firefly holds their camps at Integrity Academy, we agree to abide by the no-animal food products policy on campus. Therefore we ask that you do not send your child to our camps packing any foods that may contain animal-based products.

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